BGF Lush Takeover


BGF Lush takeover

A one day takeover of Lush Studio Soho for Black women and femmes to explore, experience and exchange around their experiences with beauty and makeup.

In July, we teamed up with Lush and created a sold-out curated event for Black women and non-binary people to explore, experience and exchange around beauty and make up. The event hosted three panel discussions diving into topics on the ways dark skin Black women exist within the landscape of beauty, the queer influence on the beauty industry and the ethics of beauty and social responsibility. 

With speakers such as Travis Alabanza, Tanya Compas, Breeny Lee and Enam Asiama, the conversations were powerful and engaging. Alongside the discussions, makeovers took place throughout the day hosted by MUA pros, Giselle Ali and Michael Brooks. Lush also had their own in-house MUAs talking you through the range and showcasing some Lush Makeup exclusives.

All proceeds from ticket sales of the event went toward BGF’s two chosen charities: Inside Out UK are a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing while SAIE focuses on breaking the negative stigma around mental health in African and Caribbean communities.

An exclusive tote bag designed by BGF resident illustrator Nadia Akingbule was sold at the event with all proceeds going to BGF’s chosen charities.

Photography by Krystal Neuvill

Black queer Influence on Beauty

Join Travis Alabanaza (artist, writer and performer) as they chair the first panel alongside social worker and drag performer Madi Gianfrancesco, makeup artist Russie, multi-award winning youth worker Tanya Compas and UK Black Pride’s Chloe Davies. This panel will explore black queer influence on make up historically and now in the contemporary, how queerness has been commodified over the last few years, and what work practice looks like for queer MUAs.

Dark Skin and Beauty

Join journalist Tobi Rachel Akingbade as she chairs the second panel alongside life coach and content creator Breeny Lee, award winning plus size style blogger Stephanie Yeboah, poet and writer Chloe Filani, and content producer Natalie Wilson. This panel will explore the experiences of dark skin within the industry as consumers and content creators, the emotional impact of rarely being catered to and complexities of having dark black skin that go beyond being able to find your shade.

Ethics and social responsibility of the beauty industry

Join Lush’s very own Rachel Isabel (PR for Lush Makeup) as she chairs the third panel alongside, model Monique Jarrett, natural hair and beauty content creator Shahira Allen, and plus size advocate and model Enam Asiama. This panel will explore whether its important to know the journey your makeup products have taken and what kind of ethics and morals we should expect or even demand for the make up brands we consume.

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