#BGFMeets Sincerely Nude


Sincerely Nude

Black Girl Festival meets Michelle Asare, founder of clothing brand Sincerely Nude

#BGFMeets is our new blog series featuring businesses all run by Black womxn from our community and wider network.

This month, we meet Michelle Asare, founder of Sincerely Nude - a women’s nude clothing brand based in London.

Sincerely Nude

Sincerely Nude

Sincerely Nude was part of the Black Girl Festival 2018 marketplace - a space filled with Black women business owners selling clothing to hair products plus more.

After hearing about the festival’s success in 2017, Michelle wanted to take part in the marketplace. She said “The mere fact that it was so different and was an amazing platform to showcase our brand was an opportunity not to be missed”

Like many other business owners the marketplace is an opportunity to present new brands to a growing and diverse audience.

“We were able to network with like minded individuals and meet so many new potential customers. A few had heard of the brand and many others were so excited to see us and what we stood for”

The rising entrepreneur recognises the value of building a strong audience and brand. She said “BGF is necessary for my business and the wider community because it fills a wide gap in showcasing not only women in business but black women in business working together effectively”

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