Black Girl Festival 2017

On 29th October 2017, the first Black Girl Festival was held at Kachete in Shoreditch, London.

A huge 4000+ people turned up to a 300 capacity venue. Find out more of what happened below. 


Panel discussions

Discussions ranged from mental health, Black hair, education and women in media



A market place was set up for artists, makers and designers to sell their products


Food Market

Food market was set up selling Afro-Caribbean food and vegan soul food.



Live music, poetry and a DJ was showcased at the festival



Workshops ranged from Black motherhood, employability, gender and sexuality and a zine making workshop



“I’m so used to going to panel events where the audience is a sea of white people, and the discussions are academic and bland. Yet here I finally was, in a room with well over 100 black women, ready to get inspired.“

“Thousands of people attended yesterday, many networked, purchased merchandise and made new friends. I also think it’s very important to have events like this, as the intent is to do nothing but empower black women and what we actually stand for. We finally had an event inspired and planned by black people.”

“As a young black woman having an event such as this when I was younger would have been really impactful. To see yourself celebrated by and with other women that look like you is something really important. It shows that womanhood comes in many different shades, many sizes and sexual orientations. It's an inclusive way to love each other.”

“As a black British woman who loves creativity, the arts, music and chatting with my girlfriends, it was so great to be in a space that catered to all of the above and more. It is evident that the Black Girl Festival is here to stay, and might need a bigger venue next year to meet a clear demand for us all – a space to belong.”